Body-Solid Olympic Power Bars


Free weight exercise is more popular today than ever before.  Cost, versatility and quality of workouts are all reasons customers are buying free weights and free weight equipment.  Outside of the weights, the other essential to any free weight workout are bars and Body Solid is a great source for free weights and bars of all types.

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7 ft. Premium Olympic Power Bar (chrome) (OB86P1000)


7 ft. Premium Olympic Power Bar (OB86P1000SS)

OB86P1000SS-square OB86P1000SS_SPECS_600px

7 ft. Olympic Power Bar (zinc) (OB86LPB)

OB86LPB-square OB86LPB_SPECS-600px

7 ft. Olympic Power Bar (bronze) (OB86PB)

OB86PB-square OBPB_SPECS-600px

7 ft. Olympic Power Bar (silver) (OB86PBS)

OB86BPS-square OB86PBS_SPECS-600px

7 ft. Olympic Power Bar (gold) (OB86PBG)

OB86PBG-square OB86PBG_SPECS-600px

Body-Solid 25th Anniversary Power Bar (red) (OB8625YR)

OB8625THBAR-square-600px OB8625TH_SPECS-600px

Body-Solid 4 STAR Power Bar (OB864STAR)

OB864STAR-square_600px OB864STAR_SPECS-600px

Body-Solid Chicago Power Bar (OB86CHICAGO)

OB86CHICAGO-square_600px OB86CHICAGO_SPECS-600px


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