The Rowing machine: A True Comback Kid


With constant innovations to exercise equipment the rowing machine seemed to sit on the back burner until just recently. So why has it gained so much ground lately? Simply said, fitness is becoming more popular than ever. You can find evidence of this in the large addition of new workout facilities that seem to be popping up everywhere. Many people are choosing to both workout at the gym and supplement missed workouts at home. This is where the rowing machine comes in. In terms of your workout, and your wallet, rowing offers the most bang for the buck! When you use a rowing machine you are training aerobically and anaerobically meaning you are strengthening your muscles while also strengthening your heart and lungs!

Rowing Highlights:

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic exercise
  • Upper body and lower body workout
  • Rowing machines are good for those tight on space because most can easily fold up.
  • Rowers will often cost less or at least the same as a traditional cardiovascular machine.

Overall rowers are great as a stand alone piece of equipment or a smart choice to supplement those days you can’t get to the gym! Browse our rowing machines here:

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