Helix HR1000 Touch Recumbent Lateral Trainer

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Why Helix is Better…According to Science

Our patented lateral motion activates more muscles—more quickly—than other machines, all while torching more fat and calories than old-fashioned technology, according to a comprehensive 2011 University of Tampa study. Plus, the Helix Recumbent Lateral Trainer (RLT) engages more muscle groups than any other recumbent products available!

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Why is this so Revolutionary?

• Bi-directional resistance, for more effective training than ANY OTHER
recumbent modality (recumbent bikes, steppers, or ellipticals)
• Correct knee flexion and hip engagement
• Engagement of glute medius, glute maximus, vastus lateralis, vastus
medialis, and quadriceps, which results in a broad range of benefits –
greater muscle activation and metabolic cost (compared to other
recumbent exercise modalities), greater knee stability, and greater
power generation (for athletes)
• By improving lateral strength and stability, recumbent Helixing aids
everyone from athletes (better performance) to seniors (fall prevention)


Bullet Points:

  • Bi-directional 360° multi-plane Helix Motion® provides complete core & lower body muscle activation (glutes, inner/outer thighs, quads, hamstrings)
  • Smooth, Gear-Driven, Maintenance-Free System
  • Oversized Touchscreen LCD Console
  • Real Time Feedback: Time, Calories, RPM, Distance, Pulse, Activity Level, Mets & Watts
  • Oversize Foot Plates
  • 20 Levels of Electronic Resistance
  • 11 Exercise Programs
  • Power Source Required
  • Most unique, compelling & effective residential recumbent fitness product available

A More In-depth look…

Who is a Good Candidate for the Helix Recumbent Lateral Trainer (RTL)?

Quick Answer: Just About Everyone
Lateral strength and stability are essential to proper biomechanics for everyone,
from seniors fighting functional decline to elite athletes, and everyone inbetween.
There are no traditional recumbent exercise modalities that create the
multi-planar stimulus delivered by the Helix RLT.

What muscle groups does the Helix RLT engage?
The RLT effectively engages the Glute Medius, Glute Maximus, Vastus
Lateralis, and all quadrants of the Quadriceps. This glute engagement helps
create power and speed in elite athletes, but for this and all other populations it
also contributes to stabilizing the knees. It provides superior training of the
lower body and greater metabolic cost than other recumbent modalities (more
muscle groups engaged and activated means greater metabolic cost).

The RLT is safer for the hip joint than walking. Walking causes
approximately 7.6 degrees of hip adduction at heel strike, which causes internal
rotation of the hip and actually puts torque on the hip joint (adduction is the
movement of a body part toward the body’s midline).

The RLT creates ZERO hip adduction because it does not cross the midline.
In fact, the recumbent is not only safe for the hip joint, it actually helps
strengthen the hip joint because it creates activation of the muscles and
connective tissues surrounding the hip joint.

Regarding abduction, the RLT allows the hip joint to open externally, with all
four muscle quadrants of the quads firing AND the medial glute fires throughout
the entire rotation on the RLT.

What does this all mean?

The first thing this means is improved Range of Motion (ROM). Very few people
are as flexible or have as much ROM as they should, so improving ROM in a
major joint is positive. The RLT provides much greater ROM of the hip joint
than does walking.

Virtually everyone, even elite athletes, has hip instability and lateral weakness.
One of the professors we worked with on the studies conducted on the RLT
opined that even NFL running backs have hip instability and some lateral

The RLT delivers muscle firing in all four quadrants of the quads while
keeping the medial glute activated throughout the entire movement and
will help stabilize the hip AND the knee, while also improving lateral

The muscle groups most responsible for lateral stability are also the muscle
groups most responsible for explosive power in athletes – the GLUTES!
In conslusion: The RLT delivers benefits for extremely varied populations –
everyone from seniors to deconditioned to elite athletes (along these lines, we
are aware of a physical therapist who uses the RLT a number of different ways
with his competitive athletes, including proprioceptive work, and plyometric


Unit Dimensions 74″ x 36″ (90cm x 187cm)
Boxed Dimensions 40″ x 42″ x 36″ (101.6cm x 106.68cm x 91.44cm)
Unit Weight Net – 245 lbs (111 kg) Gross – 275lbs (125kg)
Max User Weight 300 lbs (136kg)
Display Type 8.5″ Backlit LCD w/ Touchscreen & Adjustable Console Angle
Fitness Programs 11 Programs Including Random w/ Infinite Variations
Real Time Feedback Time, Calories, RPM, Distance, Pulse, Activity Level, Mets, Watts
Resistance Method Electronic Control
Resistance Levels 20
Resistance Type Magnetic
Total Resistance 300 Watts
Flywheel Weight 22 lbs (10kg)
Market Residential
UPC 013964525168
Usage Residential Use Only
Power Requirements Plug-in 120 VAC 50/60 Hz
Warranty (Parts) 3 years
Warranty (Labor) 1 Year If Purchased & Assembled by Authorized Helix Dealer. No Labor Warranty If Purchased Via E-Commerce



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