Introducing the new IC Series Indoor Cycles by Life Fitness

State-of-the-art indoor cycles. This fleet of five bikes combines striking, award-winning design with an enhanced digital experience. The Coach By Color intensity guide, WattRate Power Meter and connectivity to external devices provide encouragement and engagement, and make the indoor cycling experience unlike any other.

Powered by ICG

ICG, which joined Life Fitness in 2016, has been motivating, mentoring and measuring positive change in the lives and rides of the global fitness and sporting community since 1995.

Striving for excellence in indoor cycling has made ICG a global leader specializing in the design, manufacture and programming of premium indoor cycling equipment.

ICG’s performance reflects the focus, determination and passion that embodies the company. For more than 20 years, ICG has been reaping the benefits of a culture that consistently pushes the envelope and creates a better riding experience year after year.



The Poly-V belt drive that powers each ICG bike transfers extreme levels of torque smoothly, requires limited maintenance, and is quieter than other drive systems.





The Coach By Color training system delivers real-time, color coded feedback to maximize the training experience for every use, allowing them to reach their goals faster.





WattRate® Direct Power Meter is the market’s most accurate sensor technology that offers a direct measuring tolerance of +/- 1%.






A sleek and modern aesthetic combines with rugged features like a steel frame to create durable cycles that exercisers want to use.






Q Factor is the distance between an exerciser’s feet when they sit on a bike and pedal. The industry standard Q Factor of 155mm on most ICG bikes results in a ride that feels comfortable and natural.




*Available on the IC5, IC6, and IC7.

The Lineup

IC1 – The Life Fitness IC1 brings an incredible indoor cycling experience to your home. With proven engineering from ICG, this bike is made to last. And with its sleek frame, the IC1 fits nicely into any space.  [More information]

Life Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycle

IC4 – The IC4 combines modern design with high-grade mechanical components, for a premium riding experience. This bike comes without a console, so you get the quality bike you want without paying for technology you may not need. [More information]

IC5 – The IC5 combines innovative design with precision engineering and high-quality mechanical components. Thanks to the WattRate® LCD computer, …[More information]

Life Fitness IC6 indoor cycle

IC6 – The IC6 introduces the WattRate® TFT computer, which features performance in watts, data exchange with external devices and Coach By Color®… [More information]

Life Fitness IC7 indoor CycleIC7 – Bring leading group cycling equipment to your home. The multiple award winning IC7 combines a modern design with an extended range of top… [More information]


ADD MyRide Personal for a full boost of adrenaline! *

MYRIDE VX PERSONAL Myride® VX gives our award winning indoor bikes a full boost of adrenaline. Adding immersive, video-based instruction directly to the handlebar redefines the user experience. Unlike bikes that only offer entertainment, or bikes that focus on pure performance data, our bikes with Myride VX do both, with apps that provide advanced data accuracy, results-orientated coaching and stunning footage from around the globe. Myride VX is compatible with IC5, IC6 and IC7


Ride free of any distraction and get immersed in the stunning view ahead.Enhance your workout with footage from over 500 unique locations from around the world, from the Italian Alps to road trails in California. Each video is five minutes long, and filtered by terrain, descent, flat, mixed and climb,so you can build various trail play lists to suit your entertainment and training needs.


Terrain-focused footage from all overthe world, paired with chart-qualitymusic and world-class voice-overcoaching delivers fun yet fierceworkouts. This app includes fourdifferent 50-minute classes designed tomaximize results by building a strongaerobic base, as well as four 30-minuteHigh Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)fast-classes.


Coached workouts deliver results.Riding to world-class instruction andchart-quality music you will get fitter,faster and stronger. Our three differentprogram formats appeal to all kinds ofriders. Twelve 15-minute drills deliverHIIT training for those with limitedtime to work out. Four 30-minute fast-classes deliver athletic-based strength,endurance and speed coaching,synced with high-energy soundtracks.And four 50-minute standard classesoffer a fully structured workout,including warming up and coolingdown, to optimize performance.

All our Myride VX “virtually instructed apps” feature Coach by Color® instruction – so you  know exactly how much effort to givewhen riding our indoor cycles.

*Available on the IC5, IC6, and IC7.

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