Cascade Air Bike Unlimited

  • The strongest, most durable air bike ever made.
  • Designed for the harshest club environments or the avid user!
  • Perfect for HIIT training, with tough construction and a heavy 168.75 lbs frame!
  • Oversized 1/4" Steel plate pedal cranks
  • Steel blades combined with a poly-v drive belt keep the noise down
  • Comfortable Seat with up down, forward backward adjustments.
  • Computer Console includes HIIT Programs
  • Learn more below...
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Built Tough To Last Long

Commercial quality, the Cascade Air Bike Unlimited models are built to be the strongest and most durable air bikes ever made. In air bike technology, weight and tough construction matters – as users often engage in high intensity total body workouts in and out of the saddle. 90% of our customers comparing the Cascade Airbike Unlimited to the competition end up purchasing the Cascade Airbike. You won't have to be an expert to see and feel the difference in quality. Don't just take our word for it though, stop by a showroom today!

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The Cascade Unlimited model offers infinite air resistance with a multi-grip handlebar design, especially versatile for upper body workouts both sitting and standing. Like the Cascade Classic model, the Unlimited has the same tough construction and durable features and it is ideal for both users needing low resistance exercise as well as offering a high intensity heart pumping workout for more conditioned athletes. Like with all air bikes, the individual controls the intensity as they pedal, push, and pull to meet their own fitness objectives. The large foot pegs also make it simple when users only want a great upper body workout.

Console With Interval Programs
The console offers interval
programs for high intensity
workouts and displays time,
distance, calories, rpm, watts,
H/R and speed.

Unlimited Air Resistance
The durable dual steel fan blades
handle the most intense workout.

Sealed Bearings
The commercial grade design is
built to last.

Micro-Fit Seat Adjustment
The 4 way adjustable seat allows
for a quick and easy personalized


  • Multi-grip handlebars
  • Unlimited air resistance –for a total body workout
  • 8 workout programs –including H/R training, Quick Start and Intervals
  • Electronic Console –displays time, distance, calories, rpm, watts, H/R, and speed
  • Rock solid steel frame and Industrial grade Poly-V drive belt
  • Comfortable foot pegs –allow isolated upper body workout
  • Quick and easy 4 way micro-fit seat adjustment –for personalized comfort
  • Heavy duty bottom bracket
  • Durable dual steel fan
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • Lifetime Frame
  • 5 year non wearable parts
  • 2 year electronics
  • 2 year pedals
  • 2 year wearables
  • 1 year labor