Introducing the new IC Series Indoor Cycles by Life Fitness

State-of-the-art indoor cycles. This fleet of five bikes combines striking, award-winning design with an enhanced digital experience. The Coach By Color intensity guide, WattRate Power Meter and connectivity to external devices provide encouragement and engagement, and make the indoor cycling experience unlike any other.

Powered by ICG

ICG, which joined Life Fitness in 2016, has been motivating, mentoring and measuring positive change in the lives and rides of the global fitness and sporting community since 1995.

Striving for excellence in indoor cycling has made ICG a global leader specializing in the design, manufacture and programming of premium indoor cycling equipment.

ICG’s performance reflects the focus, determination and passion that embodies the company. For more than 20 years, ICG has been reaping the benefits of a culture that consistently pushes the envelope and creates a better riding experience year after year.



The Poly-V belt drive that powers each ICG bike transfers extreme levels of torque smoothly, requires limited maintenance, and is quieter than other drive systems.





The Coach By Color training system delivers real-time, color coded feedback to maximize the training experience for every use, allowing them to reach their goals faster.





WattRate® Direct Power Meter is the market’s most accurate sensor technology that offers a direct measuring tolerance of +/- 1%.






A sleek and modern aesthetic combines with rugged features like a steel frame to create durable cycles that exercisers want to use.






Q Factor is the distance between an exerciser’s feet when they sit on a bike and pedal. The industry standard Q Factor of 155mm on most ICG bikes results in a ride that feels comfortable and natural.




*Available on the IC5, IC6, and IC7.

The Lineup

IC1 – The Life Fitness IC1 brings an incredible indoor cycling experience to your home. With proven engineering from ICG, this bike is made to last. And with its sleek frame, the IC1 fits nicely into any space.  [More information]

Life Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycle

IC4 – The IC4 combines modern design with high-grade mechanical components, for a premium riding experience. This bike comes without a console, so you get the quality bike you want without paying for technology you may not need. [More information]

IC5 – The IC5 combines innovative design with precision engineering and high-quality mechanical components. Thanks to the WattRate® LCD computer, …[More information]

Life Fitness IC6 indoor cycle

IC6 – The IC6 introduces the WattRate® TFT computer, which features performance in watts, data exchange with external devices and Coach By Color®… [More information]

Life Fitness IC7 indoor CycleIC7 – Bring leading group cycling equipment to your home. The multiple award winning IC7 combines a modern design with an extended range of top… [More information]


ADD MyRide Personal for a full boost of adrenaline! *

MYRIDE VX PERSONAL Myride® VX gives our award winning indoor bikes a full boost of adrenaline. Adding immersive, video-based instruction directly to the handlebar redefines the user experience. Unlike bikes that only offer entertainment, or bikes that focus on pure performance data, our bikes with Myride VX do both, with apps that provide advanced data accuracy, results-orientated coaching and stunning footage from around the globe. Myride VX is compatible with IC5, IC6 and IC7


Ride free of any distraction and get immersed in the stunning view ahead.Enhance your workout with footage from over 500 unique locations from around the world, from the Italian Alps to road trails in California. Each video is five minutes long, and filtered by terrain, descent, flat, mixed and climb,so you can build various trail play lists to suit your entertainment and training needs.


Terrain-focused footage from all overthe world, paired with chart-qualitymusic and world-class voice-overcoaching delivers fun yet fierceworkouts. This app includes fourdifferent 50-minute classes designed tomaximize results by building a strongaerobic base, as well as four 30-minuteHigh Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)fast-classes.


Coached workouts deliver results.Riding to world-class instruction andchart-quality music you will get fitter,faster and stronger. Our three differentprogram formats appeal to all kinds ofriders. Twelve 15-minute drills deliverHIIT training for those with limitedtime to work out. Four 30-minute fast-classes deliver athletic-based strength,endurance and speed coaching,synced with high-energy soundtracks.And four 50-minute standard classesoffer a fully structured workout,including warming up and coolingdown, to optimize performance.

All our Myride VX “virtually instructed apps” feature Coach by Color® instruction – so you  know exactly how much effort to givewhen riding our indoor cycles.

*Available on the IC5, IC6, and IC7.

Best Cycling Hacks to Burn the Most Calories

Indoor cycling burns serious calories.  If you’re looking to lose or maintain your weight, you probably already love knowing that you can have a heart pumping workout that leaves your metabolism jacked for hours, without impact on your joints.  So if a calorie churning workout is what draws you to your indoor cycling training, it makes sense to maximize efforts to increase the calorie burn.  Wondering how to do it?  Here are five hacks to make your cycling workouts more effective at burning a ton of calories.

Use your Handlebars Appropriately:

One of the biggest mistakes I see when it comes to indoor cycling is riders who lean over their handlebars rather than the pedals and saddle.  When you lean onto the handlebars, you reduce the force of your legs into the pedals, as well as the engagement of your arms and core.  In short, you compromise the use of nearly every muscle in your body, which results in a lower overall calorie output during your workout.  To use your handlebars effectively, imagine that you are pulling them back towards your body to brace your core and your lower body effectively.  If you struggle with bringing too much weight into your arms and upper body, try raising your handlebar height, allowing you to sit back closer to the saddle.

Target your Core:

Once you’ve got your handlebar position and are actively using your arms to assist your cycling efforts, your next step is to keep your core engaged.  Again, the more muscles you use in your indoor cycling workout, the greater your calorie burn will be.  Practicing core engagement during your indoor cycling training sessions will establish good cycling habits and form for outdoor cycling.  To engage your core during seated cycling workouts, imagine that you are slightly lifting your bottom away from the saddle.  This will allow you to put more force into the foot pedals and less into the seat. Engaging your core during time out of the saddle will tend to happen naturally if you are pulling away from (rather than leaning into) the handlebars.  You can enhance that further by drawing your low belly slightly in towards the spine to support your low back.

Bring in your Back(side):

Experienced cyclists know the importance of using the power from behind during tough training sessions.  A common mistake among new riders is relying heavily on the quadriceps while sacrificing engagement of the backside.  The result of this is a lazy ride that decreases efficiency in the saddle and overly relies on gravity, decreasing power out of the saddle.  During standing climbs, correct this by keeping your hips back and low (towards the saddle).  This will naturally tend to happen as you pull back on the handlebars and engage your core, but you can enhance it further by keeping your chest up and using the natural curve in your low back to keep your hips low.  Now maintain this engagement as you sit into the saddle by lowering lightly (low core engaged) and keeping your hips back so that you are sitting on the front of your sit bones.  You should immediately feel a difference as you target the muscles behind your hips, rather than simply your thighs.  This positioning is especially effective at moderate to heavy loads.

Wattage is Your New Best Friend:

Basing your cycling workouts on your wattage will give you immediate feedback on how much power your body is creating, which directly correlates to the calories you are burning.  Maintaining a challenging power output (wattage) will result in more consistent workouts and maximize your calorie burn over varying cadences (RPM’s). I like to perform a wattage check by putting a load on the bike that results in a moderate effort at 70 RPM.  After maintaining that load and cadence for a minute, increase your effort level to bring your leg speed closer to 100 RPM.  Hold that for 1 minute.  You should see your wattage (and your heart rate) soar, giving you a good idea of where your peak efforts should be during your workouts.  If your pace shoots past 110 RPM, try repeating the drill with slightly more load.  If you cannot get above 90 RPM, try repeating the drill with less load.  Remember the wattage that you see during your 1 minute effort and use it as a reference point during your workouts.

Use Pre-Programmed Workouts Intelligently:

From standard intervals to Sprint 8 (available on all Matrix Bikes), to steady state aerobic training, the consoles of many exercise bikes can help you take the guesswork out of your programming, if you use them intelligently.  Keep the resistance heavy enough to force you to use your body rather than momentum to complete your workout.  Use the form cues above to ensure that you are using as much of your body as possible to increase your cycling efforts. Keep an eye on your wattage to ensure that you are not dogging the workout just to log time on your machine.

While it seems like a simple concept, remember that calories burned are the direct result of using our body.  If your primary objective is to burn a lot of calories on your exercise bike, make sure you are using your body as much as possible, while minimizing your reliance on the bike to hold you upright or create the movement. These hacks are directed at maximizing the action of your body on the indoor cycle, which will ultimately improve both your calorie burn and your indoor cycling training.





Content from the Johnson Fitness newsletter on 5/15/2017


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